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Bicycle Accidents are Common in Florida

Posted on 2 March, 2016 at 23:16
Steven Meyer recently participated in the national meeting of the Bicycle Litigation Committee at the winter meeting of the American Association for Justice.  This committee is comprised of some of the most prominent lawyers in the country who handle cases involving bicycle riders who are injured or killed when hit by cars or trucks.  

Bicyclists have the same right to use the roads as cars.  If there is no specially marked bicycle lane, bicyclists are supposed to use the traffic lanes.  Cars are required to give bicycle riders at least three feet of space when passing.  

About 700 bicyclists are killed each year in the United States by cars or trucks.  Thousands more are injured after being hit by a car or truck.  Florida has the highest number of bike riders killed each year.  

Although counties and cities have installed many dedicated lanes just for bicyclists, they are often inadequate.  Most bike lanes are on the far right side of the road.  When the driver of a car makes a right hand turn, he or she must look to see if a bicyclist is approaching his car on the right.  Other drivers make left hand turns in front of oncoming bicyclists.  

Our office has handled many accidents involving bicycles struck by a car or truck.  We offer a free consultation.  If you've been injured while riding a bicycle, please give us a call.

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